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On 25th Feb 2011 our youngest son at the time was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. At that time we didn't understand Biblical healing and struggled to come to terms with the fact that a loving God would allow our precious child to have cancer.

We had mobilised many thousands to pray but we did not see that make a great difference. During that time no-one was able to speak with faith believing for our sons healing.

Then someone sent us a CD entitled "God wants you well" by Andrew Wommack ( www.AWMI.net ). As we listened to the CD's the message resonated in our hearts. We listened to more teaching and read many books on Biblical healing. Our understanding and our lives were changed and when we applied what we learned, our son was healed.

Since then we have shared with many people and have seen many healed. Our hope is that this Radio Station and website will encourage and help you discover that healing is God's will and that it's already paid for just as your sins have been already paid for.

It's from this background that we founded Healing Radio. We know what it's like to be in alone in a hospital with a loved one and not be surrounded by believers who believe healing is God's will. So we want to use this website and radio station to minister to and encourage those who are suffering a sickness and in need of healing by sharing what we learned on our journey.

Remember anything that falls into the category of steal, kill and destroy is not from God!

Healing Radio is online 24/7 and is reaching people all over the world. Please help us to spread the Word. Tell a fiend about Healing Radio. www.HealingRadio.org
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